Fixing phpIPAM SQL Syntax Error During Installation

If you encounter a SQL syntax error when trying to connect to the database during phpIPAM installation, it typically indicates a compatibility issue with your MariaDB server version. Here’s a quick solution to resolve it:

  1. Correctly Import the SQL Schema: Make sure you import the phpIPAM SQL schema properly into your database. Execute the following command, replacing ipam1 with your actual database name:bashCopy codemysql -u root -p ipam1 < /path/to/phpIPAM/db/SCHEMA.sql This command will prompt for the root password of MariaDB and import the necessary schema to your ipam1 database.

Additional Considerations:

  • The issue mentioned does not relate to restorecon or chown, which adjust SELinux contexts and file ownership, respectively. These tools are not directly connected to SQL syntax errors but ensure your phpIPAM files have the correct permissions for access.
  • After addressing the SQL error, ensure the phpIPAM directory permissions are correctly set for your web server (e.g., www-data or apache), which might involve using chown to adjust ownership.

This approach should help you bypass the SQL syntax error and proceed with the phpIPAM installation.